Commercial Financing

Get paid quickly and reliably for the work you have already done. Whether you want to grow sales, purchase equipment or pay vendors, we give you the money you have earned to focus on your business, not invoices.


Manufacturing and Distribution Factoring Solutions

The Manufacturing, wholesale and distribution industries are all being affected by the lengthening time for invoice payments by customers and the tightening of bank supported financing. The best pricing from suppliers can be secured by faster payment times – 2% Net 10 is an example. The widening time gap between paying your suppliers and getting paid by customers can put a huge strain on cash flow and business growth. What other options are available to provide working capital to support a company’s growth and daily operations?

Invoice Factoring for Staffing ­- Finance Factoring for Payroll Funding

From small independent business owners to large multi­national corporations, staffing is an important aspect to growth and a smoothly run business. Staffing is also an area for additional expense savings. More and more businesses are cutting back on the expense of office space and employee benefit programs through the use of tele­commuting and contract labor. With this they are finding the need to utilize Staffing Agencies to supply their temporary or contract support staff. The increasing trend towards using outsourced employees has created increasing demand for Staffing Agencies. As Staffing Agencies grow to meet the increasing demand, their agencies also have great need of working capital.


Financing Options for Other Commercial Services

Your industry and your company have unique needs. No one knows your business better than you. Provident strives to understand your business better than any of your other service providers. We spend time getting to know your company and its history; where you've been, where you are today, and where you want to go. Your needs, your goals - these are the key focus in our relationship.

We want to discuss unique invoice factoring for your business needs and how we can best support you!